Western countries are threatening to withdraw financial aid from African countries that have not legalised homosexuality as a way of life. The West is posing as “champion” of democracy and human rights.  Not long time ago Western Europe and North America practised slavery, colonialism and racism, under-developed Africa and looted her riches.


The West Owes Africa $370 Trillion On Slavery Alone

The issue for Africans however, is that Western Europe and America owe Africa 370 trillion dollars on slavery alone. These countries owe also reparations for their colonial damage to Africa. These are the issues these former slave traders in human beings must address, not homosexuality.


Homosexuality Is Not Genetic

A large body of scientists have found no scientific basis for homosexuality. There is no “gay gene.” Homosexuality is not genetic. The human body is designed for reproduction.


Political Prisoners in New South Africa

Western countries are continuing their political hypocrisy of selective morality with monotonous regularity. For instance, in South Africa there are political prisoners. They have been languishing in the prisons of “New South Africa” for nearly twenty years now. These are the PAC’s Azanian Peoples’ Liberation Army members and others. Their crime is that they opposed colonial apartheid through the armed struggle. This is despite the fact that the United Nations declared apartheid a crime against humanity. This was through its International Convention on the Suppression and Punishment of the Crime of Apartheid.


Land Dispossession of Africans Unresolved In South Africa

Secondly, in South Africa land and its riches are in the hands of a white minority while Africans suffer massive poverty. This is a consequence of British colonisation of this African country through the gun. The continued land dispossession of the African indigenous majority is entrenched in Section 25(7) of the “New South Africa” Constitution. Western countries have turned a blind eye to this gross violation on this fundamental human right.



No Referendum On Homosexuality In South Africa

In South Africa there was never a referendum to test through the vote how many people accepted homosexuality. It was imposed through the Eurocentric constitution which ignored even the rights of Traditional Leaders (the descendants of African Kings).

Ironically, in Uganda where there has been a referendum on the issue of homosexuality and the Ugandans voted democratically against homosexuality; withdrawal of financial aid is being threatened. This is naked Western imperialism gone eccentric.


Moral Decadence of Western Countries

The truth of the matter is that there is global divide on homosexuality among the nations of the world. It is widened mainly by the historically imperialistic Western Europe and its satellites whose moral decadence is now bordering on incest and bestiality.

Cuba does not recognise any form of homosexuality. Russia rejects homosexuality by 74%, Uganda by 96%, Egypt by 95%, Senegal by 96%, South Africa by 67%, Nigeria by 98%, Kenya by 90%, Pakistan by 87%, the Peoples Republic of China by 68.5% and Tunisia by 94%.

Homosexuality is not a human right priority for Africa. Africa must avoid anything that will reduce her population. Africa must not be a future dumping ground of over populated countries and lose this Continent and its riches.


Pre-colonial Africa law-making

Africa must shape her own destiny without any imperialist interference and bullying. Pre-colonial African laws never clashed with moral values. In African societies morality was synonymous with legality.

This principle of law-making has been captured by Friederich Karl von Savigny, an outstanding German jurist.  He wrote, “law must develop naturally.” He observed that law is a unique creation of each nation or race. Laws must be adapted to the spirit of each nation because rules that apply to one nation are not valid for another nation.”

Homosexuality will cause political instability, national divisions and violence if imposed on Africa by imperialist countries in pursuit of their own nefarious political agenda.

Principles Of United Nations Charter

Western Europe and America have caused enough instability and wars in the world. They must be reminded of some principles of the United Nations Charter.

All Member States have sovereign equality. Interference in the domestic affairs of Member States is forbidden, except where is gross violation of human rights. Even then, it must be through the United Nations alone. The West has flawed credentials to champion human rights in the world. END

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