My beloved brothers and sisters,

Africa Liberation Day is a glorious history of the Sons and Daughters of Africa both at home and in the Diaspora. It came through much blood and sweat, suffering, sacrifice and matchless patriotic service.

Through the inhuman and barbaric European Trans Atlantic Slave Trade, Africans were sold like animals. In 1885 at the imperialist Berlin Conference, European colonialists heard Leopold a king of Belgium who was their chairman say: “We are here to see how we should divide among ourselves this magnificent African cake.”

Indeed, through their colonial terrorism, they turned Africa into “British Africa,” “French Africa,” “Italian Africa,” “German Africa,” “Portuguese Africa,” “Spanish Africa,” and “Belgian Africa.” They looted the riches of Africa except for Ethiopia whose Battle of Adwa later in 1896, taught the Italians the lesson they have not forgotten to this day. They decimated the Italian army and reduced it to dust.

Africa Liberation Day was set aside by that outstanding Pan Africanist Kwame Nkrumah on the occasion of the first conference of the then only eight independent states held in Accra Ghana on 15 April 1958. This historic act was later on 25th May 1963 adopted by the founding fathers of the Organisation of African Unity at Addis Ababa in Ethiopia.

Of course, when we celebrate Africa Liberation Day we must not forget the tremendous contribution that has been made by our Pan Africanist brothers in the Diaspora, such as Henry Sylvester Williams, W.E.B. Du Bois, Marcus Garvey, George Padmore, C.L.R. James, Kwame Ture and many others. In fact, the first Pan African Congress was organised by Sylvester Williams in 1900. It also seems that as early as 1776 there was already much Pan African awakening in the Diaspora.

The Pan African vision was translated into action by Pan Africanist leaders at

the 5thPan African Congress in Manchester in 1945. It is here that the Pan African vision was unveiled to bring about the decolonisation of Africa.

These Pan Africanist heroes enabled us never to forget what the Pan African vision that gave birth to Africa Liberation Day was all about.

Yes, the African Union has replaced the Organisation of African Unity. But the speed at which Africa is uniting and controlling its economy and increasing its military power to look after the Pan African security of Africa is very slow, if not almost zero.

The glaring terrible example of this is the 2011 invasion and destruction of Libya under Muammar Gaddafi and the terrorist economic sanctions that were imposed on Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwe by Western countries including imperialist America.

I agree with what some Pan Africanists who have now left this planet has warned: “If we want Africa to be really independent tomorrow, our people to look to the future with confidence; we who today have the responsibility for her destiny must have the will to renounce everything that might…compromise the success of policies or freedom of the African people.”

These words were spoken by President Modibo Keita of Mali. He, Kwame Nkrumah and Sekou Toure of Guinea played a very significant role towards the

founding of the OAU in 1963. They worked hard with Emperor Haile

Selassie I of Ethiopia; to unite what was Casablanca group and Monrovia group into the Organisation of Africa Unity (OAU).

However, I agree with Dr Kwame Nkrumah the first President of Ghana when he said, “There is no time to waste. We must unite now or perish….We have already reached a stage where we must unite or sink into the condition which made Latin America the unwilling and distressed prey of imperialism after one and half centuries of political independence……

We must recognise that our economic independence resides in our African Union and requires the same concentration ….We are learning now that political independence is not enough to rid us of the consequences of colonial rule.”

As early as 1959, in Azania (South Africa), the Pan Africanist Congress President, Mangaliso Robert Sobukwe envisaged that “…by the end of that 20th century the standard of living of our people will undoubtedly have risen dramatically.” This ideological brother of Dr Kwame Nkrumah spoke of “the giant monolithic state of Africa.”

Brothers and Sisters, We must use Liberation Day to speed up the Pan African world that serves the interests of Africans both at home and in the Diaspora economically and technologically.

Pan Africanism is the compass for restoring Africa’s dignity, power and prosperity. We must continue to sing:

“Unite, unite all you Africans unite

And rally to the banner

Of the African Nation…

A new social order

Original in conception

Pan Africanistic in orientation”

This song was composed by a Pan Africanist Congress leader Zephaniah Mothopeng. He was sentenced to 30 years imprisonment for the SOWETO UPRISING OF JUNE 16, 1976.

Long Live Africa Liberation Day!





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