Dr. Motsoko Pheko’s Documents in the Documentation Centre for African Studies

Accession 133 University Of South Africa (UNISA) 12th December 2018


A dream that was true   SEM Pheko  1973

The story of a dispossessed people   Ethel Khopung  1972

The significance of Sharpville uprising   David Dube   1982

Mozambique and Azania’s struggle   David Dube  (no date)

The thoughts of Mangaliso Robert Sobukwe    SEM Pheko  (no date)

Books that reveal hidden knowledge and increase your wisdom


List of DVD’s and CD’s containing speeches at the United Nations and in the South African Parliament by Dr SEM Pheko, as well as freedom songs

The Church and political protest     1971

The role of African Christian authors     1971

A tribute to Mangaliso R Sobukwe    12/ 03/ 1978

International law of armed conflict,guerrilla warfare and South Africa        11/ 1989

International law against racism and Apartheid         13/ 11/ 1992

Civilian and military relations in African societies    08/ 02/ 1994

Teacher’s role in the cultivation of the culture of learning    24/ 06/ 1995

Pan Africanism: past, present  and future      15/ 10/ 1995

Yes to “common patriotism” but…     13/ 02/ 1996

This is the PAC track record                          20/ 03/ 1996

In honour of the martyrs of the Soweto uprising June 16 1996         16/ 06/ 1996

Christianity and democracy in South Africa                          10/ 07/ 1996-12/ 07/ 1996

A constitution that has legalised African dispossession         27/ 07/ 1996

In memory of comrade major Sichumiso Nonxuba                           30/ 11/ 1996

South African politics towards the year 2000: role of opposition      07/ 12/ 1996

African struggle must not be criminalised     08/ 1997

Assessment of the success and weakness of the TRC            30/ 10/ 1997

ANC Government is close to legalising incest           29/ 12/ 1997

Message to the Church           01/ 1998

Demand that Pres. Mandela release all former freedom fighters       03/ 1998

The Law of Succession among the Basotho of Lesotho        (no date)

PAC and the Government of National Unity                        (no date)

APLA and South African courts         (no date)

Was “Rivonia” a turning point in South African struggle?    (no date)

Did Ghandi fight for African freedom in South Africa?        (no date)

Africans have suffered worst holocaust in history     (no date)

Langalibalele an African hero who resisted colonialists        (no date)

Who must pay South Africa’s foreign debt?                          (no date)

Is America and Nato replacing the United Nations?    (no date)

Democracy and Legitimacy in Africa          (no date)

Liberation without repossession of land is gigantic colonial fraud  (no date)

President Mandela’s negotiations were superficial   (no date)

Tribute to Chinua Achebe    (no date)

Which African Renaissance are we talking about?  

Is Europe blackmailing Africa to go homosexual?   (no date)

“The New Africanness” in “New” South Africa   (26/06/2012)

Tribute to Bishop Lesaoana Caleb Makanda, Freedom fighter, diplomat and Prophet

Sobukwe was the symbol of true liberation struggle in South Africa, address by Dr

Motsoko Pheko at 35th Sobukwe Day, Graaf-Reinet, 2nd March 2013

Africa cannot face the onslaught of Imperialism without Pan Africanism

– 8th Pan African Congress, 15th January 2014-02-10


Editorial work done by S Williams    1962, 1963

Articles on Communism   1959 – 1963

Christian teaching   1959 – 1963

Christian biography   1958 – 1963

Current events   1959 – 1960

Current events   1961 – 1963


1961 : May, June, August, October, November, December

1962 : January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, November,


1963 : January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September


Pheko SEM Apartheid : the story of a dispossessed people 1984

Pheko SEM South Africa : Betrayal of a colonised people 1992

Pheko SEM The land is ours : the political legacy of Mangaliso Sobukwe 1994

Pheko Motsoko Dr. The land is ours : the political legacy of Mangaliso Sobukwe  2012

Pheko SEM Land is money and power  1998

Pheko Motsoko Dr. The Early Church in Africa (1st to 7th century) & Today   2008

Pheko Motsoko Dr. & Pheko Mohau How Africans can regain their Lost Power  nd

Pheko Motsoko Dr. The true history of Robben Island must be preserved  2002

Pheko Motsoko Dr. The true history of Sharpeville must be told  2001

Pheko Motsoko Dr. Who are the Africans? Indigenous names and /African identity  2003

Digest : The voice of the PAC in Parliament  March 2009

Pheko Motsoko Dr. The Hidden Side of South African Politics 2009

Pheko Motsoko March 21 – Day of Destiny Soaked in Blood  2010

Pheko Motsoko Dr. African Renaissance saved Christianity 2010

Pheko Motsoko Dr. Soweto uprising the Trial of Zephaniah Mothopeng   2011

Pheko Motsoko How Freedom Charter betrayed the dispossessed. The land question in South Africa  2012

Pheko Motsoko Dr. Towards Africa’s Authentic Liberation   2012

Pheko Motsoko Dr. I am Azania   2012

Pheko  SEM  A dream that was true. An issue of Eschatology and Thanatology?    2013

Pheko Motsoko  Customary Law of Succession Among Basotho – and effects of colonialism 2013

Pheko Motsoko  Inside South African Parliament  2013

Pheko Motsoko  100 Years of Native Land Act 1913

Pheko Motsoko  Rediscovering Africa and Her Spirituality  2013

Pheko Motsoko Dr  Africa in the next 50 years

Pheko Motsoko Dr  A ”white” Jesus is False. History and Heresy  2014

Pheko Motsoko  Soweto uprising : as told in court   2014 (2nd edition)

Pheko Motsoko Dr   Sobukwe led the road to Robben Island  2014

Pheko Motsoko  Writing Our Africa at 28 years of age   2015

Pheko Motsoko Dr   Truth was there before ANC Freedom Charter betrayed Africans  2015

Pheko Motsoko  President Obama’s speeches in Africa  2015

Interview with Dr Pheko

Daystar Connect. Daystar University June 2015

Pheko  Motsoko Dr  Is evolution a science of mere human speculation?   2015

Pheko Motsoko Dr  African Film in the Bible    2015

Pheko Motsoko Dr  Principles PAC members must embrace   2015

Pheko Motsoko Dr  Free education is road to self-reliance  2015

Pheko Motsoko Dr  Tribute to Dr Lauretta Noziwe Ngcobo by Dr Motsoko Pheko at memorial service in Sophiatown Johannesburg 10 November 2015

Pheko Motsoko Dr  Tribute to former PAC President Clarence Makwetu 6/12/1928 – 1/4/2016

Pheko Motsoko Dr Africans in the Bible and World History  2016

Pheko Motsoko Dr  Pan Africanism is the road to Africa’s security   2016

Pheko Motsoko Dr  Judgement of Supreme Court on Soweto Uprising   2016

Pheko Motsoko Dr Pheko family tree traced to 1270 A.D.    2016

Pheko Motsoko Dr African Languages must be restored to their pre-colonial glory  2016

Pheko Motsoko Dr Address as President of the Pan Africanist Congress of Azania at National Congress in Qwaqwa September 23 – 25 2006

Pheko Motsoko Dr  African Inventors and their inventions  2017

Pheko Motsoko Dr  Africa’s Name Knowledge and Dynamics   2017

Pheko Motsoko Dr  Nelson Mandela : Betrayal of African Revolution?  2017

Pheko Motsoko Dr  Why Africans have no land in South Africa 2017

Pheko Motsoko Dr  Pan Africanist Women Organisation honouring Pan Africanist heroes – address at meeting in Soshanguve, 1 October 2017

Pheko Motsoko Dr  Zimbabwe is a wakeup call for Africa  2017

Pheko Motsoko Dr  Battles of an African Shepherd   2018

Pheko Motsoko Dr Africa Liberation Day 25th May    2018

Pheko Motsoko Dr  Why the South African Constitution on Land must be amended     2018

Pheko Motsoko Dr  Sobukwe the pacesetter. There is only one race. The human race   2018

Pheko Motsoko Dr  Deceit on land in South Africa    2018

Phrko Motsoko Dr  The land question in South Africa   2018

Pheko Motsoko Dr  Tribute to Dr Kwame Nkrumah on 60th memory of his death  2018

Pheko Motsoko Dr  The new Africanness in new South Africa 

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