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After 65 years many people still suffer ignorance about the so-called Freedom Charter. They include many ANC leaders and members. This was demonstrated when the ANC held a commemoration related to this at Lilies Leaf Trust on 11th July 2019, and as recently as on 26th June 2020. They talked to the media also about how ANC leaders were arrested by the South African apartheid colonial regime in 1956. The truth about the Freedom Charter must be told for this generation if Africans in South Africa must reach their liberation destination and not end up in a perpetual liberation dry desert and quagmire of misery and poverty.

Zephania Mothopeng, a veteran of the African liberation struggle was sentenced to thirty years imprisonment for leading the Soweto Uprising of 16 June 1976. He had earlier been imprisoned on Robben Island for the POQO/PAC Uprising of 1963. While there, he taught Mathematics to political prisoners who wanted to further their education. He referred to the Freedom Charter as “a notorious document of unknown origin.”

People such as Rusty Bernstein, Joe Slovo, Ben Turok, Arthur Golderich, Piet Byleveld, Gerald Ludi and other whites are however known today to have been involved in the writing of the Freedom Charter for the ANC. In fact, Joe Slovo later became the chief commander of the ANC military wing, Umkhonto Wesizwe for many years until much later when he handed over to Chris Hani. He is also reputed to have been responsible for the “Sunset Clause” during the compromising and surrendering negotiations with the apartheid colonialist regime of F.W. de Klerk in 1994. He also supported the “property clause” in section 25(7) of today’s “New South Africa” constitution. This section is a new name for the Native Land Act 1913 and Native Trust Land 1936.

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THE BIGGEST LIE IN COLONIAL HISTORY OF AFRICA is “expropriation of land in South Africa without compensation”: By Dr. Motsoko Pheko

Today, Africans have no land in South Africa even water because some ANC

leaders misled them on the political history of their country and on how

colonialists manipulated international law. In the constitution of South Africa the ANC dealt with the symptoms of the disease apartheid instead of the real disease colonialism and the African people’s dispossession of land. This was in 1994 when they accepted Section 25 of “New South Africa.” In 2020, twenty five years after the ANC made this blunder of the first magnitude; they are repeating it in a new form and many white colonialists are spreading false propaganda that their land is being “expropriated” from them without compensation.

The whole history of colonisation of the African people in South Africa (Azania) is ignored and manipulated to suite imperialist interests despite a glaring history of dispossession of land.

The long settlement of colonialists in South Africa by force of arms has not passed any right to them to own this African land at the expense of its rightful owners. It does not matter how long Europeans have been settlers here. Azania remains the land of African people by right of first occupation on this continent of Africa; and by divine design and plan. This African country cannot be negotiated on terms that suit the colonialists.

The fact is, In South Africa colonialists expropriated land from Africans without compensation and dispossessed them of land. They [colonialists] have no right to reject “expropriation of land without compensation.” They did not do this when they took this country from Africans through colonial terrorism and barbarism.

The land question will never be resolved in South Africa for Africans until the truth is faced. Battles of Keiskamahoek, Isandlwana, Thababosiuu, Blood River, Qalabane and many others were over repossession of land. They were fought against expropriation of land from Africans. What is required in this African country now is not this monotonous and misleading debate about “expropriation of land and compensation;” which will lead nowhere.

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The most powerful weapon for Africa is Pan Africanism. A divided or “Exonophobia”
Africa will not withstand the onslaughts of imperialism. An Africa without Pan Africanism will not advance economically and technologically, as fast as it should. Only an Africa that stands united can win all battles and be victorious against any evil forces. This includes all kinds of enemies and tragedies from whatever part of the world they may come.

An Africa that stands separated will perish. The Coronavirus of 21 st century demonstrates this point beyond reasonable doubt. Africa must unite and develop together. Pan Africanism is not mere wishful thinking. It is a vision to be translated into a concrete reality for African people in particular. Historians, political scientists and otherwise people in Africa and in the Diaspora long realised that Africa cannot be truly liberated and be strong without traveling the vital Pan African path. The African proverb itself says, “Unity is power.”

In fact, European colonialists who have a vested interest in the under-development of Africa; must learn a big lesson from Coronavirus (Covid-19/SARS-Cov-2). They cannot under-develop Africa without doing injury to themselves. It has now been confirmed that the United States of America has overtaken Italy and Spain in the devastating disease, now threatening to annihilate mankind. A French Leader of Parliament, Andre Chassaigne has urged the French Government to join those who have welcomed the support and arrival of 52 Cuban doctors and nurses in Italy for assistance there.

Meanwhile,300 Chinese doctors began arriving in Italy on 18th March 2020 to help local effort to combat the now most feared disease in the world. The Peoples Republic of China has sent testing kits and protective clothing to Spain, Greece and Poland. On the contrary in Britain Prince Charles has tested positive for this disease.
It has also been reported that the Prime Minister of Britain himself Boris Johnson has been found to have contacted this threatening disease.

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On 23rd November 2019, Chief Justice Mogoeng of the Constitutional Court of South Africa made very important points on constitutionalism as an instrument for transformation in South Africa. This was at the 17th Nelson Mandela Annual Lecture, University of Johannesburg Soweto Campus. The Judge opened his lecture by saying that, at the signing of the Constitution in Sharpeville on 10th December 1996, President Mandela said:
“As we close a chapter of exclusion and horrific struggle we reaffirm our determination to build a society of which each of us can be proud of, as South Africans, and as Africans, and citizens of the world. As your first democratically elected President I feel honored and humbled by the responsibility of signing into law a text that embodies our nation’s highest aspirations.
Still, on Sharpeville, he went to say, “Today we cross a critical threshold…Let us give practical recognition to the injustices of the past by building a future based on equality and social justice.”
Chief Justice Mogoeng mentioned what Mandela had also said on unity. This is tolerance, banishing homelessness, hunger, and disease. “In so doing we will redeem the faith which fired those whose blood-drenched the soil of Sharpeville and elsewhere in our country, and beyond,” he said.
I agreed with Chief Justice Mogoeng when he stated that, Freedom should not be understood to mean leadership positions or even appointments to top positions. He was correct when he pointed out that constitutionalism was an instrument of transformation. No human being is a saint and that Nelson Mandela was not an exception. But there are clear mistakes that could have been avoided and genuine negotiations made with the apartheid colonialist regime at “CODESA.”
The injustices of colonialism and apartheid have not been dealt with by removing them. National unity has not been cultivated. Sectarian politics have been intensified. Citizenship has been confused with Party membership. For instance, a whole liberation movement that was recognised internationally and continentally; and which among other things got apartheid colonial South Africa expelled from the United Nations. And derecognised by all nations of the world as a state in international law has never been given the respect it deserves by the ruling party. That Party has continued to imprison freedom fighters who fought under the Azanian Peoples’ Liberation Army, the armed wing of the Pan Africanist Congress (PAC).
This failure to distinguish between national issues and sectarian party politics are demonstrated by the fact that prominent PAC leaders such as Dr. Mangaliso Robert Sobukwe, Zephania Mothopeng, Jafta “Jeff” Masemola have hardly been given the status of national heroes they deserve in this country. Masemola was sentenced to death, reduced to life imprisonment in Robben Island.
History has also been falsified. For example, it is the Pan Africanist Congress members who were first to be imprisoned on Robben Island from 12th October 1962. It is the PAC that formed a military wing to wage an armed struggle in this country after the Sharpeville massacre and massacres in other parts of this country on 21st March 1960. This country needs national unity if it is to destroy imperialism and neo-colonialism.
POQO which renamed itself the Azanian Peoples’ Liberation Army (APLA) in 1968 has been a reality nationally, continentally and internationally. Let me give three examples:

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The death of King Mpumelelo Zwelonke Sigcawu rouses memories that must never be forgotten in the history of Africa. The example is memories of King Hintsa ka Khawuta who lived from 1789 to 12 February 1835. He was King of the AmaXHOSA Africans. In July 1959 Dr. Mangaliso Robert Sobukwe, a Pan Africanist for whom the colonialist apartheid regime made a special law called “Sobukwe Clause” to imprison him forever “this side of the grave;”paid tribute to all African Kings of this country.They were the first freedom fighters to lead wars of national resistance against colonialism in South Africa (Azania). Among other things, Dr. Sobukwe said:“Sons and daughters of Africa, we are going down the corridor of time renewing our acquaintance with heroes of Africa’s past; those men and women who nourished the tree of African freedom and independence with their blood, those great sons and daughters of Africa who died in order that we may be free in the land of our birth.We are here to draw inspiration from the heroes of Thababosiu, Isandlwana, Sandile’s Kop and numerous other battles where our forefathers fell before the bullets of the foreign invaders….”Among these leading great African heroes Dr. Mangaliso Robert Sobukwe of the Pan Africanist Congress (PAC) mentioned King Hintsa, an ancestor of King Mpendulo Zwelonke Sigcawu. King Hintsa fought in the 12th war of the Xhosa Africans against colonialism. He fell in that anti-colonial war. His head/skull was taken to Britain. It has never been returned by Britain to this country for him to be given a dignified deserving royal burial by the African people here.There has also never been an apology for his death and for King Hintsa’s decapitation and his skull taken to England. Many things have been done demanding the return of the skull of this royal African family. They include among others a song “WHERE IS KING HINTSA composed by Daluxolo Hoho. King Mpendulo Zwelonke Sigcawu, a descendant of King Hintsa has played his remarkable role dying at 51 years of age. King Hintsa ruled from 1820 to 1835. Both these Kings have proved remarkably selfless leaders with dedication and indisputable patriotism.On this dark cloud in the African royal family I can only personally conclude my condolences to the amaXhosa royal family and Africans in general with a snap of the royal praises in Xhosa in the language. They are a profound concept unable to translate into English. There they go:Unjonga ntshiyini bathi uqumbileInkunzi abayikhuzu kuhlaba ingekahlabiUzigodlwana zemazi endalaZingalala endleleni yazini kunyembelekile!Aaaah ZWELONKE!
(Dr. Motsoko Pheko is former representative of the victims of apartheid and colonialism at the United Nations in New York and in Geneva; a former Member of Parliament in South Africa for ten years. During the liberation struggle against apartheid and colonialism he was imprisoned by the South African regime, the Rhodesian regime of Ian Smith and by the Portuguese regime in Mozambique. He is presently a researcher, writer and publisher)


14th September 2019

By Dr. Motsoko Pheko

Chairperson, the Molomo Family, Ma-Afrika, Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is an honour for me to pay tribute to Prof. Rammonasesswa Lucas Molomo at his final earthly farewell today. History will always remind humanity that it happened at the same time as that of President Robert Mugabe, the 14th of September 2019.

Prof Molomo was a long time friend of Philip Kgosana who led the Langa Uprising in Cape Town along with the Pan Africanist Congress- led Sharpeville Uprising on 21st March 1960. He was born on 21st June 1934 at a place called Mokopane Limpopo Province.

Educationally, he trained as a teacher at Mokopane Training Institution. He joined the Pan Africanist Congress in 1959.The PAC was declared illegal when it was only one year one month in April 1960. Anyone belonging to the PAC after this date was imprisoned for three years for membership six years for holding a position in the PAC and 15 years for being found in any kind of weapon including a knife.

After the South African apartheid colonial regime sought to arrest him for furthering the aims of a banned organisation namely the Pan Africanist Congress, he left the country to further the aims of the PAC outside. While there simultaneously, with this he pursued his education. He earned his B.A. Honours at the University of Ibadan and his M.A. Honours at the University of Nairobi in Kenya.

In addition to his political activities which he never abandoned he had been formerly a lecturer in history at the following institutions of education:

1. College of Teacher Education in Addis Ababa Ethiopia

2. Kenyatta University College in Kenya

3. Gweru Teachers College, Zimbabwe

4. Hillside Teachers College Bulawayo Zimbabwe

He later came back to South Africa in 1992 and was appointed principal of Mabake High School – Mpumalanga in South Africa. He has researched and written on the liberation of Africa. Some of his published books are (a) Gloria-Thomas Emagwali, (b) Towards Effective teaching and learning (c) Biography of the Rev. M. S. Mogoba

                       His Political Profile

He is one of the oldest members of the Pan Africanist Congress which shook apartheid colonial South Africa as never before on 21st March 1960.The following historic and indisputable statement affirms this.

Frantz Fanon the author of The Wretched Of The Earth

has written: “The seventeen days that shook South Africa, and indeed, the entire world from March 21 this year [1960], have irrevocable turn in the history of South Africa.

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Dr Motsoko Pheko

One of the darkest days in the rule of the ANC Government in South Africa was the 14th November 2006.  On that day the ANC leadership and its Members of Parliament abused its Parliamentary majority. They legalised “same sex marriages.” They had done no research of their own on the subject. As usual, they just went with the wind of Eurocentricity which upholds foreign values and despises African values. Homosexuals just dragged the ANC leaders by their noses.  .

The ANC argued that the Constitution of South Africa in Section 9 dictated that “same sex marriages” be allowed. This was a lame excuse. They betrayed the people whom they always claimed to represent and ignored their cultural values. Parliament has a right to amend the Constitution.  It did so, on the issue of “floor-crossing” in which Parliament legalised what some political leaders called “political prostitution.”

During the Parliamentary hearings to listen to the views of voters and citizens on the “same sex marriage”, it was reported that 97% of the population was against “same sex marriages ”.They described it as “an abomination”. These were mainly Christians, Traditional Leaders, Moslems and many others.  Nevertheless, the ANC imposed this repugnant and offensive law on the African people and ignored any cultural values of the Continent of Africa and the Diaspora. But even after this Bill was passed, the SABC Television, debate on the 19th November 2006, showed that ninety three percent of the people rejected this law.  Only 7% said “yes” to “same sex marriages.”

In Parliament all ANC Members of Parliament voted for homosexual marriages. A Pan Africanist Congress (PAC) Member of Parliament who opposed the same sex marriage and was allocated only one minute said:

“Madam Speaker,

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Programme Director

Members of the National Executive Council

Leaders of the Pan Africanist Women’s Organisation

The Pan Africanist Students Movement Of Azania (PASMA)

The Pan Africanist Student Organisation (PASO)

The Pan Africanist Youth Congress (PAYCO)

The APLA Veterans Association

The Pan Africanist Labour Federation (PALF)

All Distinguished Delegates To This Congress

Sons and Daughters of Afrika,

I stand before you today with profound gratitude to you, the National Congress- the Supreme Body of this great liberation movement of Mangaliso Robert Sobukwe and his brave and self-less comrades; for giving me the honour to serve, to work for you, and with you, to prepare the Pan Africanist Congress of Azania as a Party that is the alternative and the future government to serve the fundamental interests of the African people, especially with regard to equitable redistribution of land and its resources in order  to wipe out the inhuman conditions in which the African majority lives in this country, and of course, to give free massive education to our people in all fields of knowledge so that they can have the capacity to advance themselves economically and technologically and stamp out endemic corruption of the present ANC government which is destroying the primary objective  of our liberation struggle that is soaked with so much sacrificial service, suffering and blood. Our people need economic liberation and freedom.

I pay tribute to the members of the PAC National Executive Council, and to all those who have served with me for the last three years. I pay tribute to our first President Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe that shining revolutionary star who changed the face of South Africa. Through the Positive Action Campaign which led to the Sharpeville Uprising, PAC internationalised the vile system of apartheid. This resulted in the expulsion of South Africa from the United Nations. The PAC introduced the armed struggle for self-determination and its members were the first to be imprisoned on Robben Island beginning from 12th October 1962.  Sobukwe pioneered the liberation struggle from the politics of appeasing the oppressors to the politics of confronting the oppressors by all means necessary. That is why the colonialists made a special law for the Pan Africanist Congress called “Sobukwe Clause” and subsequently poisoned him to die in banishment in Kimberly.

I salute Uncle Zephaniah Mothopeng, the most tortured political leader for liberation in the history of South Africa. This revolutionary leader was sentenced to 30 years imprisonment for the Soweto Uprising of June 16, 1976.  I honour Comrade Clarence Mlamli Makwetu who steered the PAC at a difficult time in which the imperialists aggressively promoted so-called moderate leaders in order to give this country naked neo-colonialism that has made no change in the lives of the African majority. If you listen to Makwetu today, he still articulates the vision of the PAC without compromise and with crystal clarity.

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Who Bought It For Sixty British Pounds And Why?


Many people suffer from ignorance about answers to the above questions even many ANC leaders. Very recently on 11th July 2019, these leaders had a huge celebration about the “Freedom Charter” and their arrest by the South African apartheid colonial regime 56 years ago, as they told the media. The truth about the Freedom Charter must be told for this generation if Africans in South Africa must reach their liberation destination and not end up in a perpetual liberation dry desert.

Zephania Mothopeng, referred to the Freedom Charter as “a notorious document of unknown origin.” He was a veteran of the African liberation struggle was sentenced to thirty years imprisonment for leading the Soweto Uprising of 16 June 1976. He had earlier been imprisoned on Robben Island for the POQO/PAC Uprising of 1963. While there, he taught Mathematics to political prisoners who wanted to further their education.  


People such as Rusty Bernstein, Joe Slovo, Ben Turok, Arthur Golderich, Piet Byleveld, Gerald Ludi and other whites are known to have been involved in the writing of the Freedom Charter for the ANC. In fact, Joe Slovo later became the chief commander of the ANC military wing, Umkhonto Wesizwe for many years until much later when he handed over to Chris Hani. Slovo is reputed to have been responsible for the “Sunset Clause” during the compromising and surrendering negotiations with the apartheid colonialist regime of F.W. de Klerk in 1994. He supported the “property clause” in section 25(7) of today “New South Africa” constitution. This section is a new name for the Native Land Act 1913.

In 2009, Ben Turok let the cat out of the bag about his own authorship of the Freedom Cheater. He has written, “I was not a ‘typist’ of the economic  clause of the Freedom Charter….As vice chairman of the Cape Provincial Action Council and full time organiser of the Congress of the People, I was invited to a meeting of the National Council of the Congress on the eve of the actual event. A draft Freedom Charter was put to the meeting for approval and I proposed and Billy Nair seconded an amended version which was adopted there and then…I had been asked previously to introduce the economic clause at the Congress.”

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Letter to President of South Africa on Burning National Issues

Your Excellency President Cyril Ramaphosa,
I am sending this note to congratulate you on your election as President of South Africa in the recent elections on 8th May 2019. I wish you success in this important and demanding position of leadership in our nation. Your Presidential success will be the success of this nation. Your failure will be a failure for which many freedom fighters and heroes of this nation sacrificed so much, for where it is today albeit that the ultimate objective has not yet been reached economically. There is a sovereign equitable distribution of land. Africans are still colonially land dispossessed.
I value your remarks in your inauguration speech in which you said that you would be the President of all people in this country. It will make it unique and advance the people of this country. Previous ANC administrations have failed the people of this nation because of corruption, crime, failed policies, lack of education, unemployment, and crime. The fact that your cabinet is 50% women and 50% of men is a step in the right direction.

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