Dr Motsoko Pheko

Dr Motsoko Pheko



Programme Director, distinguished delegates, memorials help a nation to preserve its history and pass it on accurately from generation to generation for knowledge storage. Thank you for inviting me to give a memorial lecture on Mangaliso Robert Sobukwe, this giant Pan Africanist leader. The title of this lecture is: A LEADER WHO WALKED THE POLTICAL TALK TO THE FINISH.

Prof. Mangaliso Robert Sobukwe is a leader who walked the political talk to the finish. In the Biblical language, he ran the race and kept the faith. He went through a glorious contest with distinction. This is a man that the apartheid colonialist regime so silenced that even his closing speech in Court Case Number 173/60 was expunged from the Court record. Continue reading

PAN Africanism is The Road to Africa’s Security


Africa is a beautiful house that has been burning for some time with its children, women and men trapped inside. They are desperately trying to come out. As that Pan Africanist Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe correctly put it, “This Continent [Africa], has had the bad luck to be over-run by [European] soldiers of fortune that had neither [moral] fibre nor humanity. Slavery played its shameful role in depopulating Africa. Capitalism denuded [Africa] of its wealth. Colonialism deprived Africa of its birthright, and imperialism emasculated its will to live as human being and enjoy its share of bounties of the earth.”

                   Africans Must Control Their Riches For Their People

Africa has immense wealth and resources. There is hardly an agricultural crop that cannot be produced on this great continent. And almost every kind of mineral is found in Africa – vanadium, chrome, uranium, cobalt, tantalum, platinum, gold, diamonds, iron, coal, oil etc. Africa is blessed with three types of climate; temperate, tropical and Mediterranean. Continue reading

Judgement of Supreme Court on Soweto Uprising

One of the students that the apartheid colonialist police shot dead on 16 June 1976 was Hector Pieterson. According to the late Rev. Benjamin Rajuili who was a minister of religion in the African Methodist Episcopal Church and a teacher at a High School in Soweto; the first student who was shot was his student named Mahabane.

It seems, however that another student who was shot before Hector Pieterson was Hastings Ndlovu. But in both these cases there were no photo journalists around when they were shot. Continue reading

Tribute to Former PAC President Clarence Mlamli Makwetu

6TH DECEMBER 1928 – 1ST APRIL 2016 – Buried 16 April 2016


We shall miss his charming smile. We shall miss his towering height – “uFafa” (the tall one), “uZikhali” (his clan name). We shall miss his frankness and bravery in matters of national importance affecting the land dispossessed people of Azania (South Africa). President Clarence Mlamli Makwetu served his people fearlessly even when it costs him imprisonment in various South African jails including Robben Island Prison and of course, banishment to areas where he had no means of livelihood for a job or self-employment. Continue reading

Can ANC Expropriate Land In South Africa?


“We are to have land again….Our land is us. We are our land. You took our land …. Without land we cannot be.” Prince Maqoma imprisoned on Robben Island by British colonialists in 1859. He died there at 75 years of age.

During elections in South Africa in 1994, the American government heavily financed the ANC. In addition President Bill Clinton organised Stanley B. Greenberg and Frank Geer to direct the ANC election campaign. These were Clinton’s own pollster and image-maker respectively in the American elections. Continue reading

Story Behind South African Political Prisioners


“Reviewing the story of the ANC, it would seem that all times they were more concerned with non-violence against whites than against their own people.” Prof. Edward Feit (The Journal of African Modern Studies Volume 8 Number One 1970)                        

Kenny Motsamai, a South Africa political prisoner was returned to his prison cell in Boksburg near Johannesburg after he was due to be released on parole on 18 January 2016. He was a member of the Azanian Peoples’ Liberation Army, the former military wing of the Pan Africanist Congress of Azania (PAC). He has been imprisoned for 26 years.
Continue reading

President Obama’s Speeches in Africa

President Barack Obama speeches on his recent visit to Kenya and Ethiopia did not show any sign that the American government condescending policy towards Africa has changed. His lecturing African leaders on “democracy” and “values,” was reflective of the old policy of dictating to non-Western nations. How they must conduct their national affairs. Continue reading


Marikana Massacre of 50 African workers and 78 injured at the platinum mine North-West of Johannesburg under ANC government on 16 August 2012, illustrates the absence of economic liberation for 80% of the African people who were supposedly “liberated” in April 1994. Azania (South Africa) is home to 80% of the world’s known reserve of platinum, a very precious metal which competes with gold in value and price. Continue reading

Desperate colonial madness

ON February 16, speaking in a purported “new South African” Parliament, a former member of the National Party who is now leading the opposition Freedom Front Plus claimed that Africans were not the original inhabitants of 40% of Azania. This Azania is what colonialists called South Africa on September 20, 1909. Continue reading

A vision lost

WHAT was the fundamental objective of the ANC when it was formed in 1912? Are the current ANC leaders pursuing that primary goal? Is the present ANC 100 years old or 57 years old?

On January 8, 1912, when opening the inaugural conference of the ANC (then called the South African Native National Congress), Pixley ka Seme said: “Kings of the royal blood and gentlemen of our race, we have gathered here to consider and discuss a scheme my colleagues have decided to place before you … In the land of our birth, Africans are treated as hewers of wood and drawers of water. The whites have formed what is known as the Union of South Africa in which we have no voice.” Continue reading