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15 March 2019

Greetings Dr. Pheko,

First and foremost on behalf of the Virgin Islands Caribbean Cultural Centre at the University of Virgin Islands. We extend our appreciation for the public accessibility of your lectures, articles and related publications providing analytical research and accurate socio-analytical resources of the current affairs in the Continent and the impact throughout the African Diaspora.

Additionally, we welcome receiving information regarding the requirements to host you for lectures or workshops at the University of Virgin Islands and our community in 2019 as your schedule permits….”

Dr. Chenzira Davis Khahina

16th August 2018

Dear Dr. Pheko,

Greetings, I am writing you this email to express appreciation to you for your great achievements on the Continent [of Africa]. I am an alumni of Daystar University in Kenya. I work in South Africa at the University of Johannesburg. I read your name in the Daystar University Handbook and saw that you are actually one of the founding fathers of this University together with Dr. Donald Smith.

I submitted my request to the Daystar University Alumni Association to bring you on board to Kenya so that you can see how Daystar University has grown and become a great University….I am looking forward to hearing from you and taking you to Kenya.

Eric B. Niyitunga (D. Litte et Phil Senior Lecturer)

Correcting Wrong False About About Dr. Motsoko Pheko.

South Africa History Online (SAHO) has written very interesting things about Dr. Motsoko Pheko. But the information that Dr. Pheko was expelled by the Pan Africanist Congress from Parliament in 2008 is false. Dr. Pheko left Parliament in 2009 after serving there for ten years.

Judgment of Court Case No. 12174/2008. In the High Court of South Africa Cape Town 23rd April 2009 reads:

Before the Honourable Ms Justice Meer

Having heard the Legal Representative of the Applicant and having read the document record. It is ordered:

  1. That the first Respondent’s opposition to the application under case 12177/2008 is struck out.
  2. That the Respondents are directed not to give effect to the resolution passed by the National Congress on 4 July 2008 of the First Respondent upholding the decision of National Executive Committee to expel the applicant as a member of the First Respondent (“the resolution”

3 That the Second Respondent are interdicted and restrained from swearing in any person as a member of the National Assembly in the place of Motsoko Pheko(“the applicant”)

  1. That the resolution which was passed by the National Congress to expel the applicant as a member of the First Respondent “the resolution”) is set aside and declared null and void.
  2. That the constitution which was adopted by the First Respondent at its 4-6 July 2000 is set aside and declared to be null and void.
  3. the First Respondent is to pay the costs:

And this application.

  • The applicant brought under Case12174/2008,


Dear Dr. Pheko,
Thank you for sending this lecture to us. I was pleasantly surprised the other day to learn that you
were among the founders of Daystar University in Nairobi. I saw that in an interview appearing in
the University’s magazine.
Your article on EFFECTS OF COLONIALISM IN AFRICA PAST AND PRESENT is the most read on our
website with more than 200,000 and counting. Thank you.
Henry Makori, Pambazuka News Editor

Dear Dr. Pheko, I was born in 1989.I was fascinated about Mangaliso Robert Sobukwe ever since I can remember. All my oral presentations in my language subject were about him…I have discovered your book THE LAND IS OURS – The Political Legacy of Mangaliso Sobukwe. I would like to order your book about him. I was raised by a single mother who was unemployed. I would like to say leaders like you have inspired me a lot. Today I hold a Bachelor of Science degree as well as LL.B. degree. – Odwa Mjezu

Your book CUSTOMARY LAW OF SUCCESSION AMONG BASOTHO – And Effects Of Colonialism is only a few minutes in my hands, but has already made an enormous impression on me. If marketed in SADC countries, in particular it would bring fresh thinking about the pre-colonial boundaries of Lesotho. N. Mphanya historian, author and former Member of Lesotho Parliament.
N. Mphanya – Lesotho

President Obama’s Speeches In Africa
Dear Dr. Pheko, it is a while since we last spoke. I keep reading and reading your writings. I never tire of them, instead I get inspired and revitalised. You are one of Afrika’s gifted writers. You will always arouse a fighting and writing spirit in us. – Mawethu Sidzamba
It is with great joy that I read one of your writings that you shared with Pan Africanist Federalists who are preparing for their first congress – President Obama’s Speeches In Africa.” It is certainly a piece of writing that will catch the attention of more than 500 Pan Africanist delegates who are in our mailing list


Dr. Pheko, Thank you for your insightful writings. It is always an eye opener to read your works. …Keep it up Son of the Soil.
Mbwena M

Thank you, Dr. K for sharing the information with me. I concur with your strategic vision. Ntate Pheko is a living legend (in his own right). We need to hear more from him and about his autobiographical experiences to inspire the future generations. We are greatly honoured to have him in our amidst.

The photograph of a jubilant shoulder-high young man and the title – MARCH 21 –DAY OF DESTINY SOAKED IN BLOOD drew me to my first book out of eight I had ordered from TOKOLOHO Publishers. Then I moved on to read SOWETO UPRISING AS TOLD IN COURT. Now, I am reading A DREAM THAT WAS TRUE. The next one will be 100 YEARS OF NATIVE LAND ACT 1913 – The Womb Of African Poverty And Marikana Massacre. At present I am engrossed in AFRICAN RENAISSANCE SAVED CHRISTIANITY – Ulwazi alupheli (there is no limit to knowledge). I am confused now, as to which one of your books is my favourite.
Phathiwe Ntini, London

Thank you for opening my eyes. I would love to have more of your books. Mduduzi Maphosa
Mduduzi Maphosa – South Africa

is a great book.
Leonie Arries.

Thank you Dr. Pheko. You will always be counted amongst the great and noble sons of Africa. God be with you and eternal glory to you! I hail from Uitenhague in the Eastern Cape. I bought your book.
Dudu Knox

I read HOW THE FREEDOM CHARTER BETRAYED THE DISPOSSESSED – The Land Question in South Africa on Saturday and I must say, I finished reading the book on Sunday morning. I just couldn’t put it down. It is a great book. It is very informative. Our country faces a grim future with the ANC in the helm. Xolisa Mali

Ntate Pheko, I am hoping you are well. I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for all your writings. They are informative, inspirational and liberating. As a young African who was born into a family of ANC veterans, I have asked myself whether my grandmother, mother, uncles and aunts left this country for exile only to come back so that me as a young African can still suffer under a new African led government. I would like to share articles of mine with you. May you send me your address. Thanking you once again. I have read all your writings that are available on Pambazuka News in the internet. I have requested EXCLUSIVE BOOKS to search for any of your books that they have! Mangaliso Robert Sobukwe is a leader I cherish very much and I would love the honour to meet you and learn from you. The South African Native National Congress needs to be saved and it’s only us young people that can achieve this. However we need knowledge and content, so that we do not fall victim to that which our elders did. P. Mfeka

THE HIDDEN SIDE OF SOUTH AFRICAN POLITICS “is a fascinating piece of writing by a courageous writer” – Prof. A. J. Moloi State University of California
“Without such book liberation history in South Africa would remain a distortion.” –The Hon. N. Mpanya Member of Parliament Lesotho.
I am grateful for THE HIDDEN SIDE OF THE SOUTH AFRICAN POLITICS. I am pleased that you have used your great talents to give our history the side that would never see the light of the day.
Prince Dr. Mangosuthu Buthelezi

“We must discover our mission for our country and Continent and then fulfil it and not betray it,” reads the last line of THE HIDDEN SIDE OF SOUTH AFRICASN POLITICS. It is this line that embodies the truth, reflections and insight of our country’s politics, especially of the liberation movements, and what they achieved and they did not achieve….Political scientists, historians, researchers and scholars on African studies will find this book…a thought provoking presentation. – Boitumelo Mofokeng, Literary Consultant

I have completed the reading of the two books you have written Doc, namely AFRICAN RENAISSANCE SAVED CHRISTIANITY and THE EARLY CHURCH IN AFRICA. Both books are very substantive more so about biblical, anthropological and historical phenomenon and development. If I could have had such books at my early age I could have stuck to it [the Bible]. I had reached the final conclusion that the Bible was from Europe to put wool on our eyes so that the white man must continue to plunder the resources from Africa.
But these two books have drastically changed my mind and furnished me with answers which my teachers and preachers could not give me. I have taken the decision to buy a Bible and return to church. These books have answered the doubting Thomases of so-called Western Civilisation more especially the former late Prime Minister of Rhodesia, Ian Smith who in his book called The Great Betrayal claimed that the first civilisations that Africans claimed belonged to Africa, “actually belonged to the Arab Middle East.”
I am sure if he could have heard that some black Africans like Septimius Severus ruled the Roman Empire, he would have ordered his army to dig a quarry to bury the crucial information you have revealed. Now that he is no more, it is for his children to apologise to the African people and to the entire progressive world about his ice cream chocolate melting down propaganda propagated by their colonial father.
If these books could be read in all South African schools, we could produce self-confident Africans who would not abandon their motherland, the Continent of Africa after completing their university education.
In conclusion I must thank you very much Doctor, for exposing the lies of the imperialists and their deep rooted interests to make Africa to depend on them permanently. – Molefi wa ha Thibedi

Greetings Tata, my name is Nceba Sodo from the Eastern Cape Province in the City of Mtata. I am writing this email from the ship currently sailing from South Korea to China. The main purpose of this email is to express my deepest gratitude for the work you are doing in expounding the history of Azania. Your work is an eye opener to me. I have just finished reading the book titled HOW THE FREEDOM CHARTER BETRAYED THE DISPOSSESSED – The Land Question In South Africa. This is the bombshell that really opened my eyes. Before this book, I had read three of your other books – SOWETO UPRISING AS TOLD IN COURT, THE HIDDEN SIDE OF SOUTH AFRICAN POLITICS and HOW AFRICANS CAN REGAIN THEIR LOST POWER. If it was not for the Eurocentric curriculum that persists in “New South Africa,” I would suggest that your writings be part of the school syllabus.
I am sure you are curious how I got your books. A friend of mine whom I met in Port Elizabeth introduced me to your literature. In March this year (2012) she gave me the book, WHO ARE THE AFRICANS? and another one THE TRUE HISTORY OF ROBBEN ISLAND MUST BE PRESERVED.
I had to make sure that before embarking on this ship I get hold of all your books and I must say you have inspired me. I love it when you expose the fraudulent Freedom Charter, the exaggeration on Mandela’s contribution to the liberation struggle and articulating the importance of equitable redistribution of land according to population numbers. Nceba Sodo

I said I was going to write tonight but I got so engrossed in AFRICAN RENAISSANCE SAVED CHRISTIANITY. It is what they call here in England “unput-downable.” When I told my friend about this book she said I should please summarise it for her by tomorrow. I will buy her a copy. This book is beyond summary. I can’t get enough of AFRICAN RENAISSANCE SAVED CHRISTINAITY.
I am planning to order a collection of your AZANIAN FREEDOM SONGS that you are preserving for posterity and your book INSIDE SOUTH AFRICAN PARLIAMENT containing your speeches now on DVD such as the Land Issueand the Anglo-Boer War. I am told you received wild applause on the latter Members of Parliament during that debate. I want to add to my present list also your speeches on DVD at the United Nations in New York and the ones on CD which you delivered at the United Nations Commission on Human Rights in Geneva during those dark days of European colonialism and apartheid. I am looking forward to reading THE ADVENTURES OF AFRICAN SHEPHERD about you.
Gabasele Gqwabe London

Dr. Motsoko Pheko, I have just read your book TOWARDS AFRICA’S AUTHENTIC LIBERATION. I want to encourage you to write your biography, so that we can know more about you and also about your contribution to our national liberation struggle. Molefi wa Thibedi.

Academic student’s request: I am currently enrolled in working towards a Master’s degree. My degree entails the crafting of a research report. Many topics have piqued my interest, but none really held it and inspired the passion that I would need to follow through on the project. I am interested in education and so I began to look in this area, but I was not able to find a way to approach this subject in the African-centred way that I really wanted.
I then visited the Kara Heritage Institute in Pretoria and from there I embarked on a journey of understanding Africa’s history in a way that I had never been exposed to in all my years of schooling. It was good fortune then, when I heard you mentioned as the author of South Africa: Betrayal Of A Colonised People….
Initially my conditioning made me feel as if the discussion had gone into the sphere of militancy, but then I found your articles dealing with the “Freedom Charter and the Constitution of New South Africa that abandoned the goals of the 1912 South African Native National Congress/African National Congress, which was mainly concerned with gaining back the land that had been stolen from Africans at gun point. The part that had the most impact had two pictures at its end, one a massive mansion that represented the sort of accommodation the average white person lived in, and the other of an African man sleeping in a shack that was not long enough to accommodate the length of his body. The pictures made your words sting in a way that I cannot describe. I ended up in tears.
Thus I have come to the point of writing you this email….I would like to ask for permission to write a literary biography of yourself. This would look at the historical factors that have led you becoming a Pan Africanist academic who writes a history and sociology of Africa that is ignored and at time when it is ridiculed by the established Eurocentric academy. This will involve a review of all your written work and the interviews with yourself and some colleagues to tease out the nuances in your writing; to reflect the journey that has developed your thought from the first book and articles you wrote; to the latest works you have published….
I think that this way I will be able to bring to light a history such as yours that is not taken seriously enough, even by African people, but which actually is European web of deceit that keeps entangling us while it pretends to liberate us.
I appreciate your unapologetically African and Pan Africanist approach to a variety of subject matter….I also feel that I will do this project well as I am very passionate about it and I have already devoured most of your article that I have found online. I will dedicate to making sure that I represent you properly and defend your work against inevitable criticism that will come from those who see their version of African history as the only valid one…. N. Ngubane